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Learning how to express myself

I had some bad experiences in school when we needed to di craft projects as I wasn't good at obeying the instructions precisely enough. It was really off-putting and even though I loved the idea of doing crafts I ended up putting aside my crafting urges for a while. Once I got a bit older I felt like I could go back and try crafting on my own terms without a grumpy teacher telling me off all the time! This blog is all about figuring out your own crafting style and trying different craft projects. I hope it's a source of inspiration for other people.


Learning how to express myself


Five Tips for Cleaning Vomit Off Soft Toys

Inevitably, vomit tends to spew out of children, and if one of their favourite soft toys are in the way, it's your job to rescue it. Luckily, there are ways to remove vomit from soft toys. Explore these tips to figure out how to clean and sanitise soft toys so that they can be reunited with your child once again: 1. Scrub with enzyme-based cleaners For removing biological stains from vomit to grass stains, you want an enzyme-based cleaner.

Art Supplies to Bring on a Road Trip

If you are planning on taking a road trip, you might be thinking about what types of art projects you can do while on the road. While not all forms of art are appropriate when you're in a car or stopping at a nearby park, there are many things you can do as you enjoy nature and get your creative juices flowing. Sketching Supplies An easy way to complete art while in the car or when stopping to enjoy the view is sketching.